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Lunch in Kansas City

A good restaurant serving tasty food can make your day. Choosing to dine out can light up an ordinary day and even can make every moment of it special. Kansas City is well known for its cuisine, especially its distinctive styles of barbeque and its craft breweries. Thus to enjoy an awesome lunch, you should wisely choose among the places to eat in Kansas City, as not all restaurants can serve you excellent dishes in an efficient manner. This blog post helps you with some great dishes to choose for a great luncheon.

Barbeque Baby Back Ribs

The typical barbeque style belonging to Kansas City involves smoking and cooking the meat slowly. Kansas City barbeque is chiefly characterized by the wide usage of meat varieties like pork and beef. Owing to a great demand for blackened ends, various places to eat in Kansas City serve crispy and juicy meat cut from a smoked brisket. The extensive use of spices and condiments to make the dish flavorful is distinct to the place. It is quite interesting to note that these places offer barbeque dishes with a wide variety of sweet, spicy and tangy sauces. The barbeque baby back ribs served specifically at Charleston’s will surely satiate the foodie inside you. This dish could be even more greatly relished with fried okra, sweet glazed carrots or even french fries. A glass of chilled beer or iced tea will add on to the bliss for sure.

Grilled Pork Chops

For a great luncheon, it is pretty important that you choose among the special dishes from the menu whenever you visit different places to eat in Kansas City. For this, you can go for grilled pork chops as a good option. The city is famous for its unique style of grilling pork to offer you a delicious taste. Restaurants like Charleston’s employ a special process to bring out the famous lip-smacking taste and aroma. The pork chops are first marinated in a dry rub, after which they are grilled to perfection. The trick behind this is to marinate the pork chops for a specific time span. These grilled pork chops go best with mashed potatoes and baked beans and are often served with french fries.

Short Smoked Salmon

This dish is prepared exclusively by Charleston’s Restaurant with quickly smoked salmon that is first marinated and later finished on the grill. The tangy taste and perfect aroma is attributed to the whole grain mustard sauce. Customers dining at Charleston’s savor the dish served along with seasonal vegetables and a house salad. Apart from beef, steaks and pork, foodies visiting places to eat in Kansas City love the dishes featuring salmon and other fish the most.
The above-mentioned dishes are just a few attractions, while the list of dishes to make your luncheon special is endless at Charleston’s. Among several other places to eat in Kansas City, this place is worthwhile, as it is an excellent, casual, upbeat restaurant that serves great quality food without pinching your pockets too hard.

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