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The Recipe for an Ideal Business Lunch Meeting

Come and enjoy a hot, delicious business lunch at the Charleston’s Restaurant in Bricktown. Blend your business efforts with gourmet indulgence and reap better results. There are ample options for eating locations. Choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.

What Should Be on Your Priority List?

The Guidebook

A business lunch meeting is a balancing act between professional and candid moments. Thus, it has its own rules.

  1. First, zero in on the ideal location of Charleston’s Restaurant, which can be reached in a minimal amount time and with the least hassle.
  2. Make a reservation, as the table must be ready before your delegation reaches the venue. You may choose from the options like a formal dining room or a casual patio.
  3. Highlights of our formal dining spaces:
  1. Highlights of our informal patio/bar area:

Handy Tips for Selecting the Menu

Keeping the business lunch menu simple will be best for all. Opt for the wine variant that acts as an excellent digestive element without making you heavy-lidded. Do not forget to mention any allergens; caring staff will write them down and help you select dishes devoid of those ingredients.

With us, the business lunch menu never runs short of options.

  1. Starters include dynamite shrimp, zesty queso, shrimp cargot, cream spinach artichoke dip and flatbread pizza.
  2. The soup options differ with the days of the week, with baked potato available daily. If you have an affinity for Mexican dishes, try to schedule your business lunch meeting on Thursday to savor our tortilla soup. Those who are fond of good home cooking should come on Tuesday for Creamy Chicken and Noodle soup. You may order the daily baked potato soup with a house or Caesar salad.
  3. Accompany your meal with sumptuous side dishes like burgundy mushrooms, a seasonal vegetable selection or southern fried okra.
  4. Do not ignore the health factor when you participate in a business lunch meeting. Choose from an abundant variety of salads made with hickory smoked salmon; spinach and chicken; or bacon, cheddar and honey-lime vinaigrette.
  5. The chicken platters come in an exciting range of options that include oven roasted chicken, chicken marsala, parmesan crusted chicken, the enchilada plate and the original chicken tender platter.
  6. The Steaks and Prime Rib section comes with the luscious options of a hand-cut filet, top sirloin and slow-roasted prime rib, all of which are accompanied by a house salad.
  7. When you are at the Charleston’s in Bricktown, do not miss the chance to dig into the specialties. Bring home lip-smacking memories of grilled pork chops, barbecue baby back ribs, shrimp scampi, chicken fried steak, short smoked salmon, fish and chips, or the fresh fish of the day.
  8. The sweet dessert dishes will certainly leave you wanting more. Take a cue from our proficient staff while choosing the perfect dessert.
  9. You may lose your way while sweeping a glance through the list of wine and other alcoholic beverages, including categories of sparkling wine, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, unique reds, interesting whites, house favorites, and draft and bottle beers.

Please remember that the success of a conference depends on the ideal locale. Hence, care must be taken to select a business meeting restaurant in Bricktown, OKC. Hold successful meetings and climb the ladder of prosperity. Bricktown welcomes you with open arms.


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